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Who is Tokey Joe? Tokey Joe is the creator of Toke Juice and is the face of our business. He works round the clock on every aspect of the day to day business operations. His mind never stops thinking and his hands never stop making the very best juice dollar for dollar. While some other e-juice manufacturers and retailers do not like the ideas that Tokey Joe has, the vape community tends to side with him. He has spent countless hours in the lab creating the essence of every flavor of e-juice liquid we bottle. The end product is a Full flavor, Max VG juice that blows clouds of smoke and is the preferred choice of new vapers to heavy drippers. Oh, and one more thing, yes Tokey Joe is a badd asss!!!
What we do? Here at Toke Juice, our number one focus is to provide vapers a high quality e-liquid that everyone can afford. Our prices do not even compare to liquids of our quality. While we could easily get $18-$25 for one of our 20ml bottles, we are pushing to one day see everyone that vapes with a bottle of our juice. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products. For example, 100% USP Kosher Grade VG-the absolute best (and most expensive) flavorings on the market-99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine………. and that’s it. The process in which we merge these ingredients together is the biggest secret, but the outcome is a flavor bursting juice that is a pleasure to vape on all day long.
What we don’t do? We never use inferior ingredients nor do we use any other unsafe “fillers” as a lot of other makers do. We hold a high standard and we believe in multiple layers of quality control. We do not feel the need to price gouge the public for the sake of making a living. We feel making people happy is the biggest reward we can receive. We don’t push people to buy our juice because if you ever just give yourself the opportunity to try it once, you will be a believer and take it upon yourself to find it. We don’t think of the people that vape our juice customers, we think of them as family. Oh yeah, our juice is made right here in the good ole USA Happy Vaping, Tokey Joe

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